Your IMEI check solutions
All GSM devices, modems, tablets, phones, smartphones can be checked by using unique number called IMEI. By using IMEI number you can check blacklist or warranty status. Try it yourself and type your IMEI right now !
Video instruction
IMEI number is a unique number that identifies all GSM devices. It consists of 15 digits which determine the model of your device.

How to check the IMEI number of your device ? On the main screen of your phone type the following sequence *#06# just like a phone number. IMEI number will be displayed on your phone. All smarphone owners with an android or iOS system (iPhone or iPad) can find the IMEI number in the phone settings as well. Devices that don't have a screen, like modems, can find the IMEI number on the sticker on the device. When you have the IMEI number, enter it in search engine to receive warranty or blacklist status. will show the brand and model of your device, as well as information about warranty and blacklist status.
If you don't know if your is blacklisted or not, use our free blacklist checker. To check the blacklist status for go to blacklist checker.