iOS 15.5 is available now in the beta version and brings back a deleted function

Apple has just confirmed that with their new system version iOS 15.5 all users will be able to change the playback rate for subscription content from Apple Music in third-party app

Apple self repair service is now available in the USA

As stated over a year ago Apple has just launched their self repair program for all of their customers in the USA. Self repair program is a special offer that allows you to fix

India can now produce iPhone 13 in their own country

Good news coming for all Apple fans in India. The company has officially stated that they are producing iPhone 13 in India right now. The factory is located in Foxconn plant

US gets a special offer for Samsung S22 series

If you are looking forward to getting the newest Samsung product calles Samsung S22 in the US, we have some good news for you. The S22 line up is avialble for pre-order right no

Apple doesn't believe in their products anymore, or is it a smart strategy

Something odd just happened and we cannot understand why. Apple company has announced that they are cutting on their iPhone SE 2022 production by 20%. They try to hide behind

Google Play Games beta comes to South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan

If you live in Hong Kong, South Korea or Taiwan, you might be glad to hear that you can take part in a new Google beta. If you own Galaxy Book device you might get invited to Go

Facebook and Instagram might be closed in Europe

Some unofficial sources claim that because of "Rodo" in Europe. As it turns out EU law requires companies that gather user data within the union to keep and process that data on

Music streaming services have been growing on the market

We all like some good music playing around us. Some of us enjoy some Beatles, while others want more power with metal music. No mather which music you enjoy, you can find the

Facebook is having a hard time with a new lawsuit

UK goverment is attacking facebook company for exploiting personal data of over 44 million people in the UK. Liza Lovdahl-Gormsen, а senior adviser with Britain’s Financial C

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is coming back thanks to Netflix

The well known horror icon called Leatherface is coming to our Tvs really soon. Netflix is the one who has created the newest part of the franchise and you can watch it on Febru