Do you want to copy your contacts to a new phone? It is really easy

Copying or transferring contacts from one smartphone to another can be done in several ways, depending on the devices and platforms involved. Here are some common methods to copy c

Samsung Galaxy Flip 5G gets a security update

We have some good news for all people who own a Samsung Galaxy Flip 5G. The company has just stated that they have released a new system update which makes the device more secur

Surface Duo 2 gets new features

We have some good news for all Surface Duo 2 owners. The device is getting a new system update right now, which brings a lot of new features and fixes. The update takes 736MB

Samsung Galaxy S22 series receives new system files for better experience

Samsung is working really hard on its newest products. The S22 series is getting its first update right now. The new build is S90xBXXU1AVBF it might look different depending

iOS 14 will not get any more updates

There was a short period when iPhone users could choose if they want to stay on the iOS 14 version, or if they want to move to the 15 version. If you weren't interested in iOS 1

Pixels are getting Android 12L Beta 2

Android 12L Beta 2 brings bug fixes and optimizations, as well as fixes for refinement of the resizing of icons relative to the screen size. Thanks to the new files it finalizes A

Huawei AppGallery adds Health Mate for all users.

Good news coming from the Huawei company. They have just announced that they added a new app for all people taking care of their health. Health Mate is now available in the Huaw

New Google Assistant feature has been discovered. Function called

Google Assistant is getting more and more features each month. This time we are talking about a new feature called "memory" which helps the user save all content that he needs that

Samsung Galaxy S20 series receives new camera improvements.

All users who own any Samsung Galaxy S20 series model, can now download a new update. The new update focuses on improving the camera. We don't have any exact information what ch

Huawei Assistant with a new interesting feature, Esports scores.

Huawei is still improving their devices with new things. This time we are talking about a new option added to Huawei Assistant. Huawei advicer is now able to provide the user wi