Find my iPhone blockade. What is it ? How does it work?

All people who own an Apple device need to create an iCloud account. iCloud is used for synchronizing data between Apple devices, save your data in the "cloud", buying apps from Apple store etc.

One of the functions is the above mentioned find my iPhone. This type of blockade is used to find your device when it gets lost or stolen. Not only that but you can also use FMI to stop anyone from using your device at all.

After you turn FMI on there will be a message on the screen asking for logging and password each time your phone gets reset, or when someone else tries to use it.

If your device gets lost or stolen, you can use iTunes on your pc to turn on lost mode on your device. If lost mode is activated, the thief or the person that found the device, will get a new message on the screen.

The device will start showing message like "Hello this is my phone please give it back (phone number)" If this mode is activated the only way to remove it is to enter your password. That is not possible howver, because the password is not kept anywhere, if you loose this password, you need to contact the Apple company to reset the password. The company cannot give you the password, because they don't have it. It is not kept on any servers or any other place.

If this doesn't work you have one last option thanks to FMI which is to delete all data on your device. If you want you can use iTunes again to delete everything from your device. All contacts, pictures or any other personal data will be deleted so that nobody can use it.

We strongly advice all people to turn FMI function on, you won't loose anything, but you will make your device a lot more secured.

If you don't know what is FMI in iCloud status, if you are buying used iPhone, you can check it by IMEI.

Go to our free iCloud check service and type your iPhone IMEI number.
You will get instant results for your Apple.