Deathloop is one of the best games in 2021

Action Thriller rogue like or an action game, Deathloop from Arkane is all that and more.

The game has just been released and the reviews are mostly positive. The game has a rating of 88% which is great for a new type of game. Many reviews said that Deathloop might be the best game this year, and giving it a score of 10 out of 10.

There are many features that make this game so popular. Starting from the graphics, music, interesting characters, ingaging gameplay and a unique blend of modern game types. You can play this game like a typical rogue like, shooter, stealth game or enjoy the great story on its own.

The most unique part however is the multiplayer, which allows a different gamer to invade our world with the goal of stopping us from achieving our missions.

There are however some reviewers who claim that the game is too easy, the AI is stupid, or that the game is too short.

The best way to check Deathloop is to play the game yourself. The game has been released today and is available on PS5 and PC.