Whatsapp introduces new feature called Communites

If you have many friends or people with same hobbies like you, you will be glad to hear that Whatsapp will help you in staying in touch with all of them.

Thanks to a new feature called Communities you will be able to group together all groups that interest you.

Users can create a Community by adding groups featuring a similar theme.

Community admins can then manage the groups within and send messages to all groups at once.

Thanks to this feature all individual conversations related to that group can continue while also getting announcements that impact all groups at the same time.

WhatsApp will also be banning individual Community members or admins, and disbanding a Community if it becomes aware of illegal, violent, or hateful activities within a Community.

Which is great to hear, that no weird people will be allowed in the groups or communities.

Speaking of groups that are a couple of new features for "groups" features as well.

The changes include: emoji reactions for messages.

Admins will be able to delete messages in a group, which will then be removed from everyone's device. File sharing is being upgraded to support files up to 2GB in size. Finally, one-tap voice calling now supports up to 32 members.

The update will start rolling out this week and will be available for everyone really soon.