Check IMEI Intex

Intex is an Indian phone producer whose main goal is to make life easier for all people.
They focus on an easy access to all modern technologies for all customers.
If you are in need of getting more information about you Intex device, you can use the Intex IMEI checker to do that.
Service is free and provides the information from the official Intex servers.
The only thing you need to use the checker is the IMEI number.
After you enter the IMEI number on the website, you will receive the following information:
- phone details like color, type and model
- is your Intex still under a warranty
- when was your device bought
- network details
All Intex devices with an IMEI number are suported.

Your Intex might be blacklisted? Use free IMEI blacklist checker. To check the blacklist status for Intex go to Intex blacklist checker.

What is needed for check IMEI? You need to type in IMEI number.

Information about service

  • free
  • instant

Examples of check IMEI
IMEI : 91164040106xxxx
Brand : Intex
Model : INFIE 33 (CHAMP)L-DS
Network : GSM
Warranty Start Date : 23/11/2020
Warranty End Date : 23/11/2021