T-Mobile makes a new initiative for an in-store same-day repairs

We have great news for all T-Mobile customers. The company is currently working on upgrading 500 of its retail stores to support in-store repairs performed by its certified Assuran

Samsung has a big increase in the mobile department.

Great news coming from Samsung company. The smartphone creators have got a big increase in their sales during Q2 of 2021. Samsung announced a 20% increase in sales on a yearly b

Huawei is out of the top 5 smartphone sellers in China.

Huawei doesn't have a good time right now. The well known company has been kicked out of the top 5 smartphone producers in China. The list looks like this: Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi, A

Huawei is getting busy in the charging department. New fast charging coming soon.

If you believe the rumors, we have a big surprise coming from Huawei. As stated by @DigiitakChatStation Huawei is working on a 90W fast charger. We don't know which devices will

Problems with Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is said to be the best smartphone when it comes to the camera department. The device has bee announced two months ago in India, however you still cannot get y

We might be getting bigger iPad Pros in the future.

Apple has announced that they had a big increase in there sales when it comes to macs and iPads. Macs were up to $9.10 billion (+70.1% YoY), iPads $7.8 billion (+78.9%). Whic

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is coming really soon?

Samsung has just stopped selling Galaxy Z fold 2 on their official website in the USA. The device is still available in AT&T and Best Buy, but not in Verzion and T-Mobile. The t

New Realme TVs with 4K coming really soon.

Realme is really making a huge impact in the electronics department. Not only are they making a really smartphones with good looks and nice hardware, but are giving us some new TV

Amazon is buying MGM movies for $8.45 billion.

MGM the well known movie company has just sold their movies to Amazon for an amazing price of $8.45 billion. Thanks to this purchase Amazon will be able to have a better chance aga

Xiaomi is no longer banned in the USA.

Good news for all Xiaomi fans that live in the USA. The ban made during Donald Trump "reign" has been lifted and the Chinese company can offer their products on the american market