Google Play Games beta comes to South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan

If you live in Hong Kong, South Korea or Taiwan, you might be glad to hear that you can take part in a new Google beta. If you own Galaxy Book device you might get invited to Go

Facebook and Instagram might be closed in Europe

Some unofficial sources claim that because of "Rodo" in Europe. As it turns out EU law requires companies that gather user data within the union to keep and process that data on

Music streaming services have been growing on the market

We all like some good music playing around us. Some of us enjoy some Beatles, while others want more power with metal music. No mather which music you enjoy, you can find the

Facebook is having a hard time with a new lawsuit

UK goverment is attacking facebook company for exploiting personal data of over 44 million people in the UK. Liza Lovdahl-Gormsen, а senior adviser with Britain’s Financial C

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is coming back thanks to Netflix

The well known horror icon called Leatherface is coming to our Tvs really soon. Netflix is the one who has created the newest part of the franchise and you can watch it on Febru

120W charging with Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 series

We might be looking a small revolution, when it comes to charging our Xiaomi phones. The company has just announced that their newest models coming from Redmi Note 11 series, wi

Microsoft might be the first company that will allow customers to repair devices on their own

Many people have problems with getting repair parts for their devices. Many customers could fix the problems with devices on their own, however they cannot get the parts or sche

Apple is still fighting with Epic games

Some time ago we informed you about the claims made by epic games against Apple company. Out of 10 claims 9 had been won by Apple. However the last one was won by Epic games and th

Second wave of iPhone 13 series is coming

If you didn't manage to buy the newest iPhone models in your country, don't worry a second wave is coming really soon. Apple has just announced that pre-orders for all 4 models

Oppo is trying to be the best company when it comes to 5G

Chinese company called Oppo has just announced that they are focuing on the 5G technology. They have opened an Oppo Communication Lab which will focus on creating the newest and b