Adobe Flash support will end in July claims Microsoft.

All things come to an end and this time we are talking about the Adobe flash. Adobe Flash was made to run interactive multimedia applications like games or programs right from t

New instagram filter coming very soon.

All instagram users know about spam message that they receive each day. The problem is very big and annoys a lot of users. Instagram decided to do something about and they are c

OneDrive and Bing got a new UI Refresh with new features as well.

Microsoft is wroking really hard to improve all of its apps. This time we are talking about two of them Bing and OneDrive. Both of these apps got some visual changes and a c

Spotify brings a couple of changes to its desktop app look.

If you are using Spotify you might have noticed that the new software version has brought a couple of changes. All users who didn't get the update yet, can go to Microsoft Store

Google fit with new features. Respiratory rate monitoring and heart rate available right now.

Google has just announced that they will be updating there Google fit app with two new features. The first one is the obvious one which is heart rate monitor. You can measure y

Apple is working on improving Siri AI. The lovely voice will help you with your music.

If you are an Apple products fan, you know about Siri.The sweet voice in your iPhone or iPad is getting its share of improvements as well. The beta version of iOS 14.5 system, h