TikTok fans will be glad to hear

We have some good news for all TikTok users. The company has just announced that they are increasing the amount of time that you can use to create a TikTok video. At the star

Twitter will soon give us unlimited character option?

Thanks to the recent leaks we know that Twitter is working on a new update called Twitter Articles. The feature might be used for a feature that’s exclusive to news outlets, T

WhatsApp will allow you to send your chat history from iOS to Android

Another great function will be soon available for WhatsApp. We are talking about transfering your chat history from Android to iOS. This one was really popular and needed, be

Firefox is now protecting us even better against unwanted cookies

Firefox is known for its great protection againts cookies and all other tracking files. That is why they have introduced their protection to the mobile devices as well. The a

Apple music might appear on PS5

One of the PS5 users experienced a odd situation when he tried to listen to some music. The console reacted with a message that he can install a different app than Spotify to li

You can carry your driving license on your phone with ID wallet app

If you live in Germany and you are anoyed with all the papers and ID that you need to carry with you all the time, here is a good solution for you. ID wallet has a new function

Whats app beta has some new features

WhatsApp is a well known comunication app that keeps improving all the time. The beta version of the newest WhatsApp has introduced a couple of usefull things when it comes to the

Google assistant with text bubble changes.

Google assistant is a very usefull feature which is very popular with google users. Basicly it is a friendly virtual assistant that a user can casually chat with. That is why Googl

Better searching function for Google Photos.

We all love to take pictures, either of us or our loced ones. All of these pictures bring back happy memories and make us feel better. However we might have a problem when we t

Spotify brings a couple of improvements.

Spotify a well known service has just got better. As announced by the company itself they will came up with a couple of changes to make your experience even better. The changes