Samsung Galaxy A53 fixes the camera problems

Like always Samsung sends system updates for their devices each month. This time however a new device called Samsung Galaxy A53 has gotten its first fixes. The new build numb

Whatsapp introduces new feature called Communites

If you have many friends or people with same hobbies like you, you will be glad to hear that Whatsapp will help you in staying in touch with all of them. Thanks to a new feature

Premium VR headset from Apple gets delayed

We don't have good news for all people who were waiting for the new VR headset from Apple. Like the company claims there product will be one of the first premium headset on the

Hot 12i is the first model coming from Infinix

Infinix has just announced their first smartphone called Hot 12i. which is an entry level device in the line, which will have two more devices on offer. When it comes to the spe

India can now produce iPhone 13 in their own country

Good news coming for all Apple fans in India. The company has officially stated that they are producing iPhone 13 in India right now. The factory is located in Foxconn plant

US gets a special offer for Samsung S22 series

If you are looking forward to getting the newest Samsung product calles Samsung S22 in the US, we have some good news for you. The S22 line up is avialble for pre-order right no

Google pixel devices get a new system update. You should get it as soon as you can

Google has just announced that they are realising the newest system update for all Pixel devices. The changes include things like security updates, wireless charging performance

Moto G22 is coming to India really soon

Not long ago we informed you about the upcoming Moto G22 model. This time we are taking a closer look at the device thanks to Indian Flipkart shop. The device is said to arri

iOs version 15.4.1 has arrived

All iPhone and iPad owners who have installed the system update number 15.4 might have noticed a problme with their battery. The device was loosing power very fast and there rea

Youtube app on an iPhone gets picture in picture

Finally the wait is over and all iPhone owners will get a PIP for Youtube. Everyone watching TV programs can exit the app with a simple swipe up from the bottom, and the iPhone/