Apple has officially stoped producing iPods

Well we all knew that this day was coming and it is finally here. Apple has just announced that they won't be producing any more iPods. You can buy one right now till it is s

iOS 15.5 is available now in the beta version and brings back a deleted function

Apple has just confirmed that with their new system version iOS 15.5 all users will be able to change the playback rate for subscription content from Apple Music in third-party app

Redmi Note 11T Pro is coming next month and we cannot wait for it

Thanks to the recent rumors we know that there is a new version of Redmi Note 11 coming next month. The device is called Redmi Note 11T Pro and it will be a better version of Re

Yotube Go will be removed in Augusr

If you have a Youtube Go app, we have some bad news for you. The app will work only till August, after that time it will be removed. The reason for it is that the main app of

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro get new system files

Samsung offers system updates not only for their phones and tablets. They also work on improving their headsets or ear buds as well. This time they came up with an update for

Samsung Galaxy M31s  with a new system update

Samsung is currently sending a new system update for Galaxy M31s. The firmware update brings changes like One UI interface to version 4.1 and also adds the March security patch.

Apple self repair service is now available in the USA

As stated over a year ago Apple has just launched their self repair program for all of their customers in the USA. Self repair program is a special offer that allows you to fix

Samsung Galaxy Z3 Pokemon Edition sells out too fast

If you were cauting on that some pokemon editions of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 will stay available after the release date, we have some bad news for you. All editions that were av

BOE gets a great deal with Apple

Apple is always looking for better ways to improve their products. This time they made a deal with BOE a Chinese display make that will make 25% of OLED displays, designated for

Apple Magsafe Battery Pack is now working even better

Many of us have a problem when it comes to pur phone's battery life. The battery might die at any given time which leaves us hopeless and we cannot do much about it if we don't