Google fit with new features. Respiratory rate monitoring and heart rate available right now.

Google has just announced that they will be updating there Google fit app with two new features. The first one is the obvious one which is heart rate monitor. You can measure y

New awesome Ps5 with liquid cooling system.

Well known youtube channel called Modding Cafe came up with a new version of Ps5. The company created a special bulky cover for the ps5 with a liquid cooling system. The device l

Samsung Galaxy S10 lite gets a new system udpate in Spain.

Samsung like always is sending new system files in small waves. This time the lucky country is Spain, which can download the The One UI 3.1 patch with the new security updates as

Razer smart glasses called Anzu hit the market.

We really live in a strange times. We came from smartphones, to smartwatches and now we have smart glasses. We are talking about glasses called Anzu, made by the world famous co

Red Magic 6 new gaming beast with 18GB of RAM and a 165Hz main display.

Mobile gamers are having a great time when it comes to smartphones. Not long ago we have been praising models like Black shark 3, Red Magic 5 or Razer phone that dominated the mar

Amazfit T-Rex Pro will cost 169.90 euro and should hit the market very soon.

Amazfit is known for amazing smartwatches, with milions of fans all over the world. One of the best models made by Amazfit is called Amazfit T-Rex. The device is very durable a

Apple is working on improving Siri AI. The lovely voice will help you with your music.

If you are an Apple products fan, you know about Siri.The sweet voice in your iPhone or iPad is getting its share of improvements as well. The beta version of iOS 14.5 system, h

Serial Number (SN) how to find it and what is it ?

Serial number is a string of characters that identifies your devices. Where to find your serial number? In general Apple products can have the serial number in a couple of d

IMEI what is it and how to find it ?

The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) is a number, unique used to identify all GSM devices. It has 15 digits. It was usually printed inside the phone on the sticker wh