Sony buys Evo fighting tournament. It is a big step for all fighting fans.

We all heard about Microsoft company buying Bethesda which was a huge event for all gamers. This time however we have some info about Microsoft's biggest rival on the market which

Sony presents the new VR controllers for the new version of their VR set.

Sony is currently working on its new version of the VR headset. However the device is not ready yet. If you believe the rumors it is said that the headset will hit the market i

Huawei Assistant with a new interesting feature, Esports scores.

Huawei is still improving their devices with new things. This time we are talking about a new option added to Huawei Assistant. Huawei advicer is now able to provide the user wi

Apple launching new iPad Pros in April? This might be big.

We just received some information about new iPad Pros coming really soon. If you believe the rumors new device will have: a new chipset, which will be on par, performance-wise,

India starts receiving new Redmi TV Series X.

Redmi TV series X has just hit the market in India. The series consits of three models called X50, X55 and X65. All devices have the same specs and offer quite good hardware

Samsung Galaxy Note 21 will not arrive on time. Korean company blaims the lack of semiconductors.

Bad news are coming for all Samsung fans. The newest Note model called Note 21 was supposed to hit the market this year. Unfortunatelly it won't happen, because Samsung is havin

Realme GT gets banned for 3 months on AnTuTu.

AnTuTu is a well known and respected company that offers the most reliable benchmark tests on the market right now. Thanks to their tests we can see how good the whole device is

The waiting time for Motorola G100 is over. The model is globally available on March 25.

China is already having fun with Motorola Edge S which a really good looking and quite powerfull Motorola device. Now the time has come for the model to get a global release. Ev

Nokia brings three new models to the market. Nokia X10, G10 and X20 available soon.

Thanks to the recent rumors we know that three new Nokia models will hit the market soon. Two models called Nokia X10 and X20 and one G10 model. Both X models will have a 5G sup

Caviar company introduces two gold phones. These are not for everybody.

Sometimes we hear about stories that shouldn't be true, but as it turns out they really are. This time we are talking about Caviar company which created golden phones. No we ar