Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 shows its main specs

Each day we got more information about upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4. This time we got some info from Geekbench. The website shows the key specs of the upcoming model. S

Xiaomi band 7 prices for global edition

Chinese company Xiaomi Band 7 is already being sold in CHina. It won't take long for the device to appear on the global market, but how much would it cost? Well if we take in

New Macbooks coming really soon

New 13,6" Macbook Air has been shown this week. The device looks really good and should hit the market really soon. However this device is not the only one that will be comin

AT&T USA Premium network unlock service fast and easy

All users who has a big problem with removing a network blockade from all iPhones that have a AT&T network blockade. The premium service costs 91.99 euro and takes from 2 to 7 w

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 should be available really soon

It might be a lie, but we heard some rumores that the newest foldable Samsung is coming on August 10. The device called Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 is said to be revealed on Samsung'

Surface Duo 2 gets new features

We have some good news for all Surface Duo 2 owners. The device is getting a new system update right now, which brings a lot of new features and fixes. The update takes 736MB

Samsung Galaxy Fold4 will have more internal memory

Samsung Galaxy Fold3 was a very impressive device. However it had its problems like the lack of microSD card slot, which means that you cannot expend the internal memory. The

Motorola Edge 2022 has just leaked

New Motorola model called Motorola Edge 2022 is rumored to appear in Q3 of 2022. However thanks to all the leakers that are just sitting and waiting to get their hands on some u

More countries will be using Amber alerts

Amber alerts are special types of alerts coming from Instagram that will help in finding missing children. The feature was already used on Meta (Facebook) and has helped in find

Samsung stops producing LCD screens sooner than expected

Samsung has just reported that they are closing the production of LCD screens. The decision was made to do it rght now, even though the previous plan was to keep it live for at