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A smartphone controller, often referred to as a mobile game controller or mobile gaming controller, is a device that allows you to enhance your gaming experience on a smartphone or

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Samsung Galaxy A54 with an amazing 120Hz screen

Good news for all Smausng fans. The newest upcoming device from Samsung called Samsung Galaxy A54 will be equipped with a stuning 120Hz display. We also know that the device

New Samsung Galaxy A23 5G arrives in the US

We have some good news for all people who waiting for a new mid range Samsung phone. Samsung Galaxy A23 5G is now available in the US and it looks really good. The model has

Samsung S21 series gets the new beta version.

The beta in labeled G99xBXXU5ZVHE where "x" comes to the model that you have. All people who live in the UK and want to take part in the beta need to know that the beta is availabl

Qualcomm Snapdragon 6 gen 1 gets leaked

Qualcomm is one of the best if not the best chip making company in the world. Their products are used in moajority of devices and always provide great functions compared to thei

New iPad IOS 16 won't arrive on time

If you own an Apple iPad device you might be waiting for the newest iPadOS 16 version. Unfortunatelly we have some bad news for you. Apple has just announced that there will