New instagram filter coming very soon.

All instagram users know about spam message that they receive each day. The problem is very big and annoys a lot of users. Instagram decided to do something about and they are c

India gets the OnePlus gaming triggers, is it really worth it?

Mobile games are getting more and more popular. Thanks to the amazing graphics and fluid gameplay we can enjoy our free time even with a console or PC. This type of gaming can b

HTC Vive Air gets an award for the design, without being released.

Good news coming for all HTC fans. The comapny doesn't make sow many smartphones anymore, but they really got invested in the VR devices. Their newest product called HTC Vive Ai

Redmi gaming phone with a very impressive chipset on board.

We gave you a lot of rumors about the upcoming Redmi gaming phone, this time however we have official information abot the chipset that will be used. The device will work on Dim

Huawei AppGallery adds Health Mate for all users.

Good news coming from the Huawei company. They have just announced that they added a new app for all people taking care of their health. Health Mate is now available in the Huaw

New feature discovered on Android 12 build.

Thanks to XDA-Developers we know that the new version of Android will have a cool new feature. The function is auto-hibernate which deals with apps that you didn't use for two m

Different companies want to introduce an under-display camera.

Many well known smartphone companies are working on a new feature which will be an under-display camera. Companies like Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, vivo, ZTE and Meizu have all repor

OneDrive and Bing got a new UI Refresh with new features as well.

Microsoft is wroking really hard to improve all of its apps. This time we are talking about two of them Bing and OneDrive. Both of these apps got some visual changes and a c

Samsung Galaxy M42 5G will be available on April 28.

We received official confirmation thanks to that the newest product from Samsung called Galaxy M42 5G will be available on April 28. As the information claim the devic

Huawei wants to increase their range of open ad partneships. Europe is the next in line.

Huawei is working hard on its Ads marketplace and is focusing on Europe right now. The company is looking for partners like advertisers, agencies, and app developers to find custo