Samsung Galaxy M32 finally arrives. Official shots from Samsung.

M32 is a long awaited Samsung device that will soon appear on the Indian market. The device has a 6,000 mAh battery as leaked earlier. It will also bring a 6.4-inch FHD+ Super A

New function added in iOS 15. Tracking made even easier.

We received information that Apple has introduced a new (much needed) function in their newest system version. their is a new function called find my network. This special func

Google Stadia will be available on different Android TVs.

Google isn't giving up on their "console". The device is claimed to be even better than a typical gaming mashine, because you can have fun with Stadia on any display. However th

Samsung Galaxy S10 series and Samsung Galaxy A52 with new security update.

If you own any Samsung from Galaxy S10 series or the new Galaxy A52 model you might want to check your system update. We just received information that all above models will get

Sirin V3 a more secured version of Samsung S21.

Sirin Labs is a well known company that made a very secured device known as Finney. This time however the company is working on a new secured version of Samsung Galaxy S21. T

Google assistant with text bubble changes.

Google assistant is a very usefull feature which is very popular with google users. Basicly it is a friendly virtual assistant that a user can casually chat with. That is why Googl

Honor Band 6 coming to India.

Honor band 6 has been on the market for some time, but India wasn't lucky to get it yet. It was just announced that the band will be available in India through Flipkart. The pri

New Realme TVs with 4K coming really soon.

Realme is really making a huge impact in the electronics department. Not only are they making a really smartphones with good looks and nice hardware, but are giving us some new TV

Amazon is buying MGM movies for $8.45 billion.

MGM the well known movie company has just sold their movies to Amazon for an amazing price of $8.45 billion. Thanks to this purchase Amazon will be able to have a better chance aga

Huawei watch 3 will be announced very soon.

On June Huawei is hoding a new press event where they will show variety of devices with the newest HarmonyOS. One of these devices is said to be Huawei watch 3. There are no off