PS5 works fine even with the slowest SSD drives?

Digital foundry a british company created a very interesting test. As we all know after the newest system update the PS5 console can use an external SSD drvices to increase the me

Find my iPhone blockade. What is it ? How does it work?

All people who own an Apple device need to create an iCloud account. iCloud is used for synchronizing data between Apple devices, save your data in the "cloud", buying apps from Ap

T-Mobile makes a new initiative for an in-store same-day repairs

We have great news for all T-Mobile customers. The company is currently working on upgrading 500 of its retail stores to support in-store repairs performed by its certified Assuran

New dual sim function introduced with iPhone 13 series.

Apple has been introducing the newest available technology with their products each time a new iPhone model appears. This time they introduced somenthing for people that want to

The wait is over iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini are here

Finally after months of nervous waiting we received official information from Apple about new iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13. The design stayed mostly the same with flat edges and

Deathloop is one of the best games in 2021

Action Thriller rogue like or an action game, Deathloop from Arkane is all that and more. The game has just been released and the reviews are mostly positive. The game has a rat

New Apple Watch Series 7 might be delayed.

The new Apple iPhone 13 should be shown really soon. As we all know alongside of the new phone there is usually a new watch announced as well. The new and upcoming watch cal

Rustler has made enough money to cover the production costs already

The Polish GTA game or GT Horse has already made enough money to cover the production cost. Jutsu games have announced that after only 3 days they earned enough to cover the pro

Tales of arise will use more space on PS4 than it does on PS5.

Tales of arise a brand new upcoming JRPG title from Bandai Namco can be pre-downalded right now. There is however an interesting thing when it comes to the ps4 and ps5 version.

Whats app beta has some new features

WhatsApp is a well known comunication app that keeps improving all the time. The beta version of the newest WhatsApp has introduced a couple of usefull things when it comes to the