Nothing ear (1) adds a new feature with the newest update

All Nothing ear (1) owners would be happy to hear that their earphones have just got even better. If you download the newest firmware version 0.6700.1.86 you get an option to u

Samsung Galaxy A51 will only get two updates a year

Well known and one of the best selling Samsung products right now called Samsung Galaxy A51 is getting badly treated by Samsung. If you are proud owner of this device, you might

Poco M4 5G available in India on February 15

The long awaited Xiaomi model called Poco M4 5G is finally coming to India. The device should appear on the market on February 15. What you are getting with the device looks

Facebook and Instagram might be closed in Europe

Some unofficial sources claim that because of "Rodo" in Europe. As it turns out EU law requires companies that gather user data within the union to keep and process that data on

Twitter will soon give us unlimited character option?

Thanks to the recent leaks we know that Twitter is working on a new update called Twitter Articles. The feature might be used for a feature that’s exclusive to news outlets, T

Realme 9 Pro series is coming on February 16

Realme has just send us some interesting information. The company is said to show the newest Realme 9 Pro series on February 16. The first known model from the line is Realme

Sony bought Bungie the console wars start again

Not long ago we provided information about Microsoft buying Activision Blizzard company. Sony was left with nothing people said, but they were very wrong. The japanese compan

Apple introduces a 120Hz support in all apps thanks to iOS 15.4 Beta

Good news for all users that own iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Apple has introduces a new system version with full 120Hz support for all apps. Previously only some loc

Ps Plus February offer is a mess

Sony has announced their offer for February when it comes to the "free" games. The games we are getting are: UFC 4, old game but not bad right? Next we have something new,

Huawei P50 Pro and Pocket appear in Europe

It has finally happend and long awaited Huawei models called Huawei P50 Pro and Pocket has appeared in Europe, First counrtries to get the devices are: Czech Republic, Bulgaria