Instagram offers share links in stories for everyone

The long awaited changes have finally arrived on instagram. The newest update offers share links in stories for everyone. Don't worry however, no spam or hate speech will be al

Oura smart ring has a new version and brings new features to the table

Oura smart rings are very popular and easy to use. Right now we are getting a 3rd generation of this device which offers more features than ever before. The device is made of

120W charging with Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 series

We might be looking a small revolution, when it comes to charging our Xiaomi phones. The company has just announced that their newest models coming from Redmi Note 11 series, wi

Huawei GT 3 watches come with a nice pair of Freebuds

If you are interested in buying the newest smartwatches from Huawei, you can check this great offer right now. There are two new version of the watches available. First one i

Pixel 3 and newer models get Android 12

If you own any Pixel model starting from Pixel 3 and above you can download the newest Android version right now. The new files bring a couple changes like: visual and UX change

Apple has revealed their newest amazing product which is a screen cloth

This is not a joke Apple is so proud of their product that not did they create their own screen cloth, but they also presented a list of compatible devices. However the worst pa

Amazing OnePlus Watch variant for all Harry Potter fans

If you are a huge Harry Potter fan and you have a bit of money to spend you might like this new product from One Plus. The company has just shown a new special version of their

Apple music might appear on PS5

One of the PS5 users experienced a odd situation when he tried to listen to some music. The console reacted with a message that he can install a different app than Spotify to li

3 more games in PS Plus

Starting from November 2021 all PS Plus owner will get more free games. As the Sony company stated the VR googles are with us for 5 years right now. Which means that this huge m

Apple 13 might have big problems

Unfortunatelly even Apple has problems with their production line at these hard times. The company has announced that they will have to limt their iPhone 13 productions from 90