Realme has got a great product on their hands

Realme number series has debuted on the market in 2018 which is a long time ago. Realme 1 was the first as the number says, and the series is still strong on the market right no

Facebook is having a hard time with a new lawsuit

UK goverment is attacking facebook company for exploiting personal data of over 44 million people in the UK. Liza Lovdahl-Gormsen, а senior adviser with Britain’s Financial C

Pixels are getting Android 12L Beta 2

Android 12L Beta 2 brings bug fixes and optimizations, as well as fixes for refinement of the resizing of icons relative to the screen size. Thanks to the new files it finalizes A

Firefox is now protecting us even better against unwanted cookies

Firefox is known for its great protection againts cookies and all other tracking files. That is why they have introduced their protection to the mobile devices as well. The a

Motorola Razr 3 specs have been revealed?

We all know about amazing models from Motorola Razr series. They sold very well thanks to their great design and impressive specs. This time we are looking at the leaks about

Oppo find N is very popular in China

Oppo Find N is the first foldable device coming from the Chinese company. The most impressive thing about it is the invisible fold line on the inner display. The device is so

Samsung has stoped sending One U.I 4.0 update for Galaxy S21 in South Korea

We have some bad news for all users waiting for the newest system update for their Galaxy S21 series. Samsung company isn't sending the new files anymore, because it is not comp

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is coming back thanks to Netflix

The well known horror icon called Leatherface is coming to our Tvs really soon. Netflix is the one who has created the newest part of the franchise and you can watch it on Febru

Google watch is finally coming?

We heard many rumors about Google watches, some of them were true and some of there were not. However this time we have some more possible news coming from Google employes who s

Huge update for Battlefield 2042 over 150 fixes

Dice the creators of Battlefield 2042 don't have an easy life. Their game is still lossing players because of the poor state that the game is in. However not all is lost, the co