Apple Magsafe Battery Pack is now working even better

Many of us have a problem when it comes to pur phone's battery life.

The battery might die at any given time which leaves us hopeless and we cannot do much about it if we don't have a charger with us.

In such case it would be wise to buy a bigger battery or a case with a different battery included.

MagSafe Battery Pack is a special device that helps our iPhone to run longer and charge faster.

The device has been updated and can charge our iPhone even faster right now.

When plugged into a 20W charger, the MagSafe pack can transfer up to a 15W charge to an iPhone.
After the update the MagSafe Battery Pack will be capable of charging up to 7.5W while off the power grid.
Which is a big help compered to previous 5W charging.

Apple has officialy stated how you can update your Magsafe Battery Pack.

You can use your iPhone, iPad, or a Mac to update the Pack.

If updating with an iPhone, the Pack will automatically update while it is attached to the device – though this could take up to a week.

Apple says you can connect the MagSafe Battery Pack to an iPad or Mac and the update should take about 5 minutes.