New features coming to Messages by Google

We have some good news for all people who use Google Messages.

Messages by Google is able to show reactions from iPhones as emojis, the same way when you're messaging with someone who's using an Android device, Google says. This will initially be available for devices set to English.

Another update is connected with videos shared via Messages by Google can be sent as Google Photos links right inside the conversation. Thanks to this, iPhone users will be able to watch a high quality version of the video through Google Photos.

That is not all however there are a couple of other functions included as well: Organized inbox which automatically sorts your messages into Personal and Business tabs. One-time password messages can be set so they get automatically deleted after 24 hours to reduce clutter.

Last thing is very small, but might be very usefull for many people.

All users who save someone's birthday in their device's contacts app, will get a gentle reminder on that day, when they open Messages or jump into a conversation with them.

All of these features should be available in the coming weeks and we cannot wait to check them.