google is updating their security features, so that more users feel secured

Google is the most popular company in the world when it comes to search engine features.

They can help with finding nearly anything you could think off.
Thanks to Google you can create your private mail or even cloud storage that will help you keep your precious memories with you all the time.

There is however some danger included when you put something in the cloud storage, because hackers or other evil people main gain acceess to your personal files.

It was a huge problem for all google users and the comapny has decided to do something about it.

The most usefull thing they came up is a two step verification for your device.

If you decide to two step login on your account, you will be more secured than ever.

It works like this, you add a second device to your account, either a pc or a smartphone.

Everytime you log on to your account you will be asked to enter a special code that send to the second device.

This way the hacker or any other person cannot access your account without that special code.

This way the person needs not only your password but the security code as well.

This is not all howver as Google stated they have teamed up with several organizations for Google’s “Campaign Security Project” which gives tools to train candidates and campaign workers to stay safe online.

Google will launch its account-level enhanced browsing feature that provides [Google’s] broadest security protection against threats [encountered] on the web and against your Google Account.

We are happy to see that Google is putting so much effort into their security features, we couldn't be more proud of all people working at Google right now.