Ubisoft has a big problem with Splinter Cell: Blacklist

The French compnay called Ubisoft is making more and more enemies when it comes to their products.

Some gamers send a message to Ubisoft asking if they can fix the problems with Splinter Cell: Blacklist game.

In response they didn't get polite answers but threats from Tara Reichley - Head of the contact center.

Tara send a message where she makes threats to ban all players asking for the help.

The first ban is a 7 day ban and the second one is a permanent one.

Which is a very stupi strartegy from the company and somebody should talk with miss Tara as soon as possible.

After some time the post was removed and the company claims that they were hacked and the threat wasn't made by their company.

Which sounds really stupid the post couldn't be placed on the website without the employess.

We hope that Ubisoft will fix their problems as soon as possible, because they will loose many fans with such politics.