Mediatek introduces a new TV chipset called Pentonic 2000

As always Mediatek is the first company to introduce amazing chipsets.

Their newest product is called Pentonic 2000. It is the first TV chipset that supports 8K with 120Hz.

It is the first 7nm chip for TVs and is based on TSMC's node. It also supports Versatile Video Coding (VVC) for H.266 content. That's a new codec with improved compression efficiency, mainly for streaming and broadcasting media. HEVC, VP9 and VS3 are on the list of supported encodings.

The chip is very impressive with a support for 8K resolution at 120Hz with support for MEMC. Upscaling non-8K content to the TVs maximum resolution is possible and MediaTek says it's AI-powered. Support for UFS 3.1 storage makes things even snappier.

Connectivity-wise, the chip supports the Wi-Fi 6E standard, 5G remains optional.

First products with the chipset are said to arrive in 2022.