Microsoft might be the first company that will allow customers to repair devices on their own

Many people have problems with getting repair parts for their devices.

Many customers could fix the problems with devices on their own, however they cannot get the parts or schematics needed for the job.

Thanks to a new law introduced in the USA called "Right to Repair" this situation might change very fast. Microsoft is the first huge company that accepted the law and is more than happy to help their customers fix their devices.

Right now we are waiting for official results from an independent consultant who is checking if the benfits of such solution are really that big as everyone thinks.

If everything goes as planned by the end of year 2022, MIcrosoft will officialy share all parts and schematics needed for repairs.

This solution will proof very usefull in long term. If you can fix your device, you don't need to buy a new one, which keeps the planet safe and more protected from carbon dioxide emmission as well as decrease the amount of broken devices that will go to junkyards.