Apple is still fighting with Epic games

Some time ago we informed you about the claims made by epic games against Apple company. Out of 10 claims 9 had been won by Apple. However the last one was won by Epic games and the court is forcing Apple to add more payments options on their devices.

Apple is more than happy to accept this, however they need more time in order to implement the new payment options.

The whole situation started when Apple has discovered that Epic games has added a new payment option and it didn't go well with the american company.

Since Epic Games was under a legally binding agreement, it was ordered to pay royalties to Apple on all revenue collected outside of Apple's payment system. After that the Court concluded that Apple was illegally stifling consumer choice by only allowing payments through Apple. Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rodgers issued a permanent injunction that said Apple wouldn't be allowed to force developers to solely use Apple's payment system.

Apple claims that they didn't allow any other payment options, because they are not secured enough, and the consumer could be attacked and Apple wouldn't be able to do anything about it.

The story must come to an end soon, however right now Apple is still trying to stop the whole process.