Tales of arise will use more space on PS4 than it does on PS5.

Tales of arise a brand new upcoming JRPG title from Bandai Namco can be pre-downalded right now.

There is however an interesting thing when it comes to the ps4 and ps5 version.
Even though the ps5 version will have better graphics and will run better, it will take less space than the ps4 version.

How is that possible?

The answer lies in the the special technology used by Sony to compresse all files that are on a ps5 hard drive. The technology was created with the support of RAD GAME TOOLS.

The technology allows a speed of 15GB/s with a compression of 3:1.

Ok, but how does it look for a typical gamer? To put it simple if you buy tales of arise on ps5 it will take 20 GB less space than the ps4 version.

Which is very usefull because the SSD drive that comes with PS5 isn't to big as we all know.

Another upcoming ps5 title that will use similar technology is Deathloop, which takes a lot less space than we all thought.