Snapdragon 898 leaks start to appear.

Snapdragon is a well known chipset producer. Most of the modern popular devices use their chipsets. They all know for great performace as well as great price.

The newest addition to the family is Snapdragon 898 which should appear on the market in the near future.

The chipset is to have a prime Cortex-X2 core running at 3.09 GHz.

The single X2 will might be paired with 3x Cortex-A710 and 4x Cortex-A510, the first ARMv9 designs. The X2 promises a 16% speed boost over the X1, the A710 upgrades are more focused on energy efficiency (+30%). And keep in mind that these numbers are if the cores are fabbed on the same process.

Other rumors claim that Snapdragon 898 will have a next-generation GPU (Adreno 730), a X65 5G modem (the first 10 Gbps modem), as well as upgraded ISP and NPU.