MagSafe battery pack coming from Apple.

It was quite a surprise when Apple announced that their new product called MagSafe has hit the market.

There were no trailers, earlier info, comercials or nothing like to that to let people know about their product.

The support page for MagSafe battery says that the MagSafe Battery Pack can be recharged with up to 20W of power. The Battery Pack can recharge the iPhone 12 at up to 15W but only when the Battery Pack is connected to a 20W or higher adapter. The Battery Pack can also recharge if the iPhone is connected to power. The MagSafe Battery will recharge the iPhone at 5W while off the grid.

The device costs $99 and doesn't include a charger or cable. The device uses magnets that lineup and click into place for the purpose of wireless charging. MagSafe has been implemented into both first-party and third-party cases, wallets, and other charging accessories.