Sirin V3 a more secured version of Samsung S21.

Sirin Labs is a well known company that made a very secured device known as Finney.

This time however the company is working on a new secured version of Samsung Galaxy S21.

The device is called Sirin V3 and has a very good specification. The device is said to have 8GB/128GB configuration, and like the regular S21, it comes with the Snapdragon 888 in the US, while global units get an Exynos 2100 chip. You also get a three-year Samsung Knox security suite license with the phone.

The Sirin V3 costs $2,650 and can be bought from the company's online store.

The security part is based on Samsung Knox. The most important part of the device is Sirin calls a Dual-Persona solution having two separate spaces you can switch between easily - a Personal mode that provides "complete user autonomy and strong baseline security", and a Confidential Work Space mode secures user data and professional communications safe.

The Personal mode allows users to install apps only from Play Store while also providing protection from virus injections, while the Work Space mode disallows installation of apps.

The Work Space mode also offers military-grade encrypted calls and messaging, enhanced security on common business platforms, and end-to-end encrypted business apps and data.