What you should do if your device gets lost or stolen?

We all know that sometimes we can loose our smartphone, or it might get stolen.

In this kind of situation it is very important not to panic.

There are a couple of ways to get the device back, or to stop a thief from using our device.

1. FIrst of all we should try to call our own number from a different device. Maybe somebody has found it and is willing to give it back to us.

2. Second thing is to try to track the device using security apps like iCloud for example which can be done on our PC.

3. If we cannot find the device on our own, we need to contact the police and the network that we are using to block the device.

Thanks to this nobody will be able to use our device and the police will start looking for it as well.

One last thing is to add our IMEI number to a blacklist service for example this one https://imei24.com/report_lost_phone/

By using this website many shops and users will be notified about your IMEI and they can either contact you or the police if they find it.