Sony Xperia Pro is coming to UK very soon.

We all heard about the new pricey device from Sony called Sony Xperia Pro.
The device isn't anything special when it comes to its design, or hardware.
However it still costs $2,500.

You may ask why is that if it doesn't offer anything amazing? Well for some of you it really does, at least at the camera deprtment.
The smartphone is not really a smartphone but a pro camera accessory.

It means that Sony Xperia Pro can be used as an external, higher-quality monitor for a Sony Alpha digital camera through its microHDMI connector. The phone can instantly upload photos and videos you take in the field with the camera, thanks to its nifty 5G connectivity.

This looks really impresive, but at the same time does it justify the price? We don't think so. However if you want to buy this device it is currently on pre-order in the UK and is said to come to other regions soon as well.

All customers who are in the UK and want to pre-order the PRO mode, must pay a huge amount of money which is £2,299.