New instagram filter coming very soon.

All instagram users know about spam message that they receive each day.

The problem is very big and annoys a lot of users. Instagram decided to do something about and they are currently sending new files for your instagram.

The new update will make the message filter even better.

DM requests will be filtered if they contain any of emojis or phrases, or any emojis or words that you specify. Options for this feature will be found in a new section of the Privacy Settings called Hidden Words. Any filtered DM requests will appear in a separate hidden requests folder and the message text will be covered so you can’t read it until you tap on the message. From there, you’ll be able to accept the request, delete it, or report it.

Instagram has also made it harder for a blocked user to try to contact you. If you block a user, you’ll have the option to also block any new accounts that the user creates in efforts to contact you again. It’s not explained exactly how Instagram will know that the same user is creating a new account, but the extra effort needed may stop a blocked user from making further attempts.

This is a welcomed addition for many users who couldn't handle the amount of inappropriate messages and stalkers that will do everything to contact them.