Xiaom Mi 11 Ultra will have a new cooling system.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is not even out yet, but it starting a lot rumors already.

As it turns out the newest Xiaomi model will not only have some of the most powerfull hardware on the market, but a new cooling system as well.

Thanks to a co-founder from Xiaomi we know that the new system is said to improve thermal conductivity by 100% by implementing the so-called VC soaking plate (vacuum chamber soaking plate). It has been used in the Mi 10 Ultra as well. But despite its fancy name, it has the same working principle as a standard vapor chamber - liquid gets heated, dissipates, turns into hot gas, then into the next chamber where it's cooled down into liquid again and repeats the cycle.

The system looks very interesting and could be the thing that will revolutionize the industry really soon.

Xiaomi keeps on creating some very impresive stuff lately and we hope that they will never stop.