Sony buys Evo fighting tournament. It is a big step for all fighting fans.

We all heard about Microsoft company buying Bethesda which was a huge event for all gamers. This time however we have some info about Microsoft's biggest rival on the market which is Sony.

Japanese company has announced that they just bought the Evo fighting tournament. If you don't know what Evo is, it is a the biggest and longest running series of fighting tournaments.

The games that you can watch on such tournamnet include: Tekken, Street Fighter, Dragon Ball fighterz and many more.

Sony claims that there won't be any major changes when it comes to the tournaments, they will be still open for all platforms. However there will be some new features added centered on Sony console only.

This is huge step for all gamers, because right after this information Sony announced that they will be holding an on-line tournament in August.

The tournament will be free and available in many countries.