Sony presents the new VR controllers for the new version of their VR set.

Sony is currently working on its new version of the VR headset.

However the device is not ready yet. If you believe the rumors it is said that the headset will hit the market in 2022, so there is a lot of waiting time left.

Don't worry Sony doesn't want to loose your intrest that is why they presented the new controlers that will be used with the set.

They both look like a sphere with a half of ps5 controllers on each of them.

The left controller is equiped with an analog stick, the triangle and square buttons, L1, L2 and a Create button. On the right controller we will find the other analog stick, cross and circle buttons, R1, R2 and the Options button. L1 and R1 are grip buttons, which will be used to pick up items in-game.

The VR controllers will be detected by the headset thanks to a tracking ring at the bottom of each controller.

The adaptive triggers will help with the immersion – the L2 and R2 triggers are taken from the DualSense controller. They are adaptive, thanks to a small motor that allows them to have game-controlled tension, so each weapon can feel different.

Another feature is that the controllers will be able to detect your fingers through touch sensitive areas where you place your thumb, index and middle fingers. Which gives a lot of options to all game producers.