Nokia and Samsung will be working together.  Video patent licensing deal has been signed.

Nokia has in a spotlight thanks to its amazing video technology patents.
The company has won many awards that include four Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards. The company has invested spend €129 billion in R&D over the last twenty years and has amassed over 20,000 patent families (more than 3,500 of which relate to 5G).

This is really impressive and shows how important Nokia is on the technology market.

So it isn't a surprise that many other companies would like to use such patents.
One of the biggest ones is Samsung, who just signed a a patent licensing agreement for video standards. Both sides agreed that Samsung will pay royalties to Nokia for use of video innovations patented.

This isn't the first time when Samsung has been using Nokia patents. They collaborated previously in 2013, 2016 and 2018.

We are happy to see that there is no bad blood between companies and they are trying to help each other any way they can.