LG wins first out of three patent trials against TCL.

We all know how important it is to protect your creations. Lg is one of the technological companies in the world and they have a big problem, when you steal their pattents without their knowladge.

Cho Hwi-jae, vice president and head of LG’s Intellectual Property Center said that "Our patented technologies are the fruit of continuous research and development and are central to our ongoing competitiveness in the industry and what motivates our employees to think creatively. We believe it is our responsibility to vigorously protect our intellectual property against any and all unauthorized uses".

This makes a lot of sense, because your patents not only give you an edge over the competition, but allow your workers to create even mre amazing devices.

However there are others who don't want to create their own stuff, just to use anything that was already developed.
TCL is the company that was accused of just that. LG claims that they used their pattents and didn't pay for them.

Which is why there are currenty three cases againts TCL from LG.

The sad part is that LG might be right. The court already stated that one of the three lawsuits has been already won by LG.

We need to wait a bit longer for the rest, but it doesn't look good for TCL right now.