Google fit with new features. Respiratory rate monitoring and heart rate available right now.

Google has just announced that they will be updating there Google fit app with two new features.

The first one is the obvious one which is heart rate monitor.
You can measure your heart rate by placing a finger over the back camera. Which has been used for many other apps.

Second thing is the respiratory rate. which is not as easy to use.
If you want to check you respiratory rate, you need to turn on the front camera so that it sees your face as well as your chest.
Based on the breathing movements made by your body, the app will show the respiratory rate.

One thing you need to remember is that these features are not for medical purposes. You shouldn't rely on your phone's cameras to track your heart rate or breathing if you suffer from any health issues.

It is more a funny gimmick than a medical scan.

All in all it is something that many people where looking forward to and we are glad that Google gives us such options.

First models to get the new features are pixel devices, Other android devices should get the update soon as well.