Razer smart glasses called Anzu hit the market.

We really live in a strange times. We came from smartphones, to smartwatches and now we have smart glasses.

We are talking about glasses called Anzu, made by the world famous company Razer.
The glasses are designed to protect your eyes as well as allow the user to listen to music from the glasses or answer voice calls.

When we talk abut controls, the Anzu have touch controls on the temples that let you access a variety of functions. You will find the controls on both temples so you can use them your dominant hand.

The Razer Anzu has two designs, rectangle and round. Both come in with choice of small or large frames. Razer includes two lenses in the packaging. The pre-installed one is designed for use indoors while using computers as it can block 35% blue light. The second one is polarized to block 99% UVA/UVB rays.

Right now you can buy the Anzu glasses for $200/€210, and replacement lenses will set you back $30/€35.