Apple is working on improving Siri AI. The lovely voice will help you with your music.

If you are an Apple products fan, you know about Siri.The sweet voice in your iPhone or iPad is getting its share of improvements as well.

The beta version of iOS 14.5 system, has made quite a commontion on the market. Many users had notice that from time to time, Siri will ask you which music app, should she use to play your music.

However there was something odd, about the whole process. After some time, Siri has stopped asking about the app and decided to choose it on her own.

Apple being an awesome company as it is reached out to Techcrunch to explain what is going on. As it turns out, the company had a totally different idea behind Siri. Apple confirmed that there is no specific setting in the system to set a default music service.

The main goal was to teach Siri, your music prefences. It might sound weird, but right now Siri can choose all music services that you use and pick the best one.

For example lets say you listen to rap music on Youtube music, on the other hand you also like podcasts, which you play on Google Podcasts.

Thanks to Siri you won't need to choose the app for podcats with Google podcasts, or rap music by Youtube music. Siri will do it for you.

We are looking forward to seeing how Siri deals with our problems in the future.